Space Systems

NGC is internationnaly renowned for its autonomy enabling GNC software for space applications such as: Attitude and Orbit Control System software for satellites, GNC software for landers and rovers including camera and Lidar-based navigation, and Hazard Detection and Avoidance for landers.

Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) Solutions



The PROBA-2 Satellite Flying NGC’s AOCS Software
(© ESA-P.Carril 2009, Source

  • Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) software development from requirements definition to in-flight validation
  • AOCS / GNC system requirements definition, design and analysis
  • GNC algorithms development
  • Flight software development

LOCOOS Navigator

A turn-key navigation solution for satellite


Mars Sample Return

ESA Mars Sample Return Mission Concept (Artist Conception)
(© ESA, Source)

  • Autonomy-enabling GNC software solutions covering all phases of the descent, from de-orbiting until touchdown for Moon, Mars or asteroid exploration missions
  • Vision-Based Navigation
  • Lidar-Based Navigation
  • Precision Landing

Hazard Detection and Avoidance

Detects and identifies surface hazards in real-time during descent and avoids them upon landing.


Artemis Jr

(© Brian Shiro)

  • Image processing for stereo vision
  • Visual odometry
  • Sensor fusion
  • State estimation
  • Sensor calibration

Mission Design and Analysis

Constellation Design

Constellation Design

  • Orbit/constellation design
  • User/mission requirements management
  • Platform performance budget analysis

Test and Validation Services


NGC’s Landing Dynamic Test Facility – LDTF

  • Hardware-in-the-loop test facility
  • High-fidelity simulators