NGC is internationally renowned for its autonomy-enabling Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) software that guides and controls satellites.

In 2001, NGC developed the AOCS software for the European Space Agency (ESA) Project for On-Board Autonomy (PROBA-1) satellite.

The main objective and challenge of the PROBA-1 mission was to create an autonomous satellite that could function with minimal human intervention from the ground station.

This has been made possible in large part thanks to the AOCS software developed by NGC. Originally intended as a technology demonstration satellite, it was so successful that it became a functioning Earth observation platform.

Originally projected to operate between 18 months and two years, PROBA-1 celebrated its 20 years in orbit in October 2021. Its success led to other autonomous satellites using NGC’s AOCS software including PROBA-2 (launched in 2009), PROBA-V (launched in 2013), and PROBA-3, a mission currently in development and intended to demonstrate precision formation flying while studying the Sun’s corona.


Attitude and Orbit Control System Software

NGC’s Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) software technology, starting with the PROBA satellites, pioneered a new generation of satellites that integrates onboard intelligence and autonomy in the operation of scientific and Earth-observation satellites.

Simulators for Satellites

The development of AOCS software for space missions requires extensive on-ground validation prior to deployment and implementation onboard the satellite. The Real-World Software (RWSW) simulator, including its automated design and validation tools, is the main instrument used by NGC for the design and validation of its flight software. The effectiveness of the RWSW has been proven in many flight programs and the simulator has come to be recognized as a reliable tool in predicting the behaviour of satellites in orbit and the effect of parameter changes.

Co-development & Training

Based on many years of creation and deployment of its Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) software, NGC has created a sophisticated training program for its collaborators. It allows them to easily acquaint themselves with NGC’s knowledge base and become fully autonomous in the development of their own AOCS software. After training sessions, software co-development activities and the delivery of NGC’s flight-proven software libraries and automated design and validation tools, NGC’s collaborators acquire a licence to use this know-how and these tools for their own organisation.


When you work with us, you’ll find we are very flexible when it comes to finding ways to integrate our technology into your project. We also provide in-depth training and the support of one of the most experienced Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) systems teams in the world.