NGC’s Vision-Based Navigation system for rovers has been implemented and deployed onboard the Artemis Jr Moon exploration prototype rover with its partner Neptec Design Group.

NGC and Neptec successfully supported the field deployment campaign for the NASA RESOLVE experiment package in 2012.

In order to guarantee flawless system execution during the field deployment campaign, various integration steps were successfully conducted prior to field deployment. These steps first validate the software system components and then gradually increase the level of complexity of the tests and the integration with the rover system components.


The objective of this approach is to minimise overall rover integration time (the component must already be at a high level of maturity when ported to the rover) and maximise system robustness. The various integration steps include:

  • system validation in a software simulation environment
  • porting of the software system to a real-time platform in a dynamic laboratory environment
  • real-time system validation in a dynamic environment
  • integration of the system validation onboard the rover
  • outdoor full-scale validation with the rover system

The successful completion of these steps ensured an optimal use of the rover during the field deployment campaign.

Artemis Field Deployment




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