NGC History

The timeline below illustrates the main events and milestones in NGC’s history.

Always in action

November 2016

Consolidation of its offices and laboratory into one main site in the Sherbrooke Technopark.

August 2016

Host to the 20th IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace in Sherbrooke, Canada, hosting more than 100 attendees from 19 different countries.
Sentinel-3A Liftoff

MAY 2015

Autonomous navigation for UAV

Hazard detection and avoidance for UAV


Start work on PROBA-3


Real-Time Multiplatform Mobile Mapping System
PROBA-V Satellite

Summer of 2010

Expansion of the NGC laboratory with a scaled Moon landing capability using a 15 x 3 meter three-dimensional representation of the South Pole of the Moon. Terrain relative navigation and absolute navigation using crater detection and matching are demonstrated. The lab is also augmented with the capability to emulate the rendezvous of an active satellite with a passive object.

April 2009

Foundation of NGC Aerospace France to lead the European expansion of NGC.

December 2008

Foundation of NGC International Inc., the parent company owning the two sister companies, NGC Aerospace Ltd and, later on, NGC Aerospace France.

Summer of 2006

Opening of the NGC Laboratory at 4455 James-Edwards in the Industrial Park of Sherbrooke. The laboratory is used to simulate autonomous landing on Mars using hazard detection and avoidance.

December 2004

From a single worker in 2001, the number of employees reaches 8 by the end of 2004. The NGC headquarters move from Jean’s residence to rented office space, at 1650 King Ouest, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Work in the new office begins in January 2005.

August 2002

Extension of NGC’s activities to the control of planetary exploration satellites. First concept of an autonomous obstacle avoidance system for landing on Mars.


Expansion of the collaboration between NGC and the European Space Agency on several R&D projects, ranging from Earth-bound scientific and remote-sensing satellites to planetary exploration vehicles.

April 2001

Foundation of NGC Aerospace Ltd by Jean de Lafontaine; for the next four years, the work is performed by Jean from his residence.