NGC’s expertise covers a wide range of services and products: autonomous guidance, navigation and control for satellites, landers and rovers, hazard detection and avoidance, space mission design and analysis, autonomous systems for UAV and UGV, mobile mapping, and high-fidelity engineering simulators.

NGC’s expertise covers the full range of knowledge and skills from defining the mission of an intelligent mobile system to its realisation in an operational environment including: the requirement analysis, the conceptual design, the architectural design, the detailed design, the implementation and the validation.

NGC’s expertise also extends to the mathematical modelling of the intelligent mobile system itself and the development of the associated high-fidelity engineering simulators required for the validation of the intelligent mobile system.

The current applications include the autonomy-enabling, real-time operational software of space systems (spacecraft, launchers, orbiters, landers, planetary rovers), aeronautical vehicles (aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles) and terrestrial vehicles (unmanned ground vehicles).

Three fully autonomous satellites are currently orbiting the Earth with NGC’s software at the command. More are in development. Two autonomous vehicles for terrestrial and planetary exploration applications have also been developed and tested in a realistic environment.


NGC’s services include the analysis of User requirements and the design of the mission concept and intelligent mobile system that fulfill the user needs. These services also include the analysis, design, implementation, validation and operation of the innovative algorithms and reliable real-time software required by the intelligent mobile system for:

  • artificial vision, pattern and feature detection/recognition, vision-based odometry
  • hazard detection, sense-and-avoid systems
  • navigation, data fusion, filtering, optimal estimation, parameter identification
  • autonomous guidance, hazard avoidance
  • automatic control (multivariable, robust, predictive, linear parameter-varying)
  • failure detection and identification

of the intelligent mobile system.

NGC’s services also encompass the mathematical modelling of the sensors, actuators, dynamics and environment of the intelligent mobile system as well as the development of the associated high-fidelity engineering simulators required for validation.


NGC’s main products are:

  • mission analysis and design
  • algorithms and flight operational software
  • ground control station software for performance analysis and house-keeping
  • high-fidelity engineering simulators.