About NGC

Shaping the future of autonomous exploration

NGC Aerospace Ltd is a Canadian high-tech SME recognised for the design and deployment of artificial vision, guidance, navigation and control systems for the autonomous operation of space, aeronautical and terrestrial vehicles. The analyses, algorithms, simulators and real-time software developed by NGC aim at increasing the autonomy, performance, reliability and safety of these intelligent vehicles while at the same time reducing their operational cost. From theoretical concepts and innovations to satellites and autonomous rovers currently in operation, NGC has demonstrated creativity, quality, excellence and performance consistent with its motto.

NGC Team


  1. 15th Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute Astronautics Conference ASTRO 2010
    Dr. A.J. Saber Best Paper Award presented to David Neveu, Jean-François Hamel, Jean de Lafontaine, Vincent Simard Bilodeau, Mike Alger for the paper “GNC Technologies and facilities to support future lander exploration Missions”.
  2. Gala Reconnaissance Estrie 2013, Prix « Reconnaissance Estrie 2013 – Entreprise de Services »
  3. Quebec National Assembly, Statement of the Member of Parliament for Sherbrooke , Mr. Luc Fortin, pronounced December 4, 2014 on the following topic: Honour Mr. Jean de Lafontaine, engineer, who participated in the development of the Philae robot.
  4. Prix MercadOr région Estrie – 26 septembre 2018: NGC lauréat “Exportateur innovant”

Statement of the Member of Parliament for Sherbrooke , Mr. Luc Fortin