NGC is contributing its expertise in the fourth project of the PROBA series, PROBA-3. The satellite is currently in its active development phase for a launch in 2024.

Image : PROBA-3 formation flying mission will rely on GNC software developed by NGC

Two PROBA-3 satellites are being designed: an Occulter satellite whose mission is to block the very intense light emission from the main solar disk and the Coronagraph, whose scientific mission is to align itself accurately with the Occulter and the sun in order to observe the sun corona. In addition to this scientific objective, PROBA-3 will also have the technological mission of demonstrating in orbit the formation flight of satellites.

NGC is responsible for the design and validation of the AOCS software for the two spacecraft. This mission will be the first flight demonstration of the execution of orbital manoeuvres with NGC’s AOCS.

See PROBA-3 page on ESA website for additional details on the mission.


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